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Our History


We Create Dreams for the Future
We Realize them Successfully

  • 2016


    Name Formation

    The CEO Bunoti Yusufu Nicholus first thought of a Name Buyunic Computer Soultions in 2016 while in High School Vacation but this seemed not appealing Since the target was offer all ICT related services.

    He later in 2017 recomposed and formed Buyunic Technologies which was perfect and in line with his vision of inspiring innovation and creativity.

  • 2017


    First Reservation

    Buyunic Technologies was then first Reserved with the Uganda Registrations Services Bureau (URSB) being the first Business Registration Step by the Registry.

    URSB is a semi-autonomous government agency, established by Act of Parliament in 1998 in Uganda which is responsible for Civil Registrations, Business Registrations, Patents and intellectual property rights, insolvency and receivership, chattels registry and any other registrations required by law

  • 2021


    Registration & Incorporation

    Buyunic Technologies was severally Reserved for quite a while since a reserved name expires in 21 days. This was done to keep the keep name so that it may not be taken up by another person since there was not enough resources to register the business at the time until May 2021.

    He then composed and prepared the necessary documents for Registration.

    Buyunic Technologies acquired a legal status on the 17th day of May 2021 being an Incorporation status forming Buyunic Technologies Limited

  • 2023


    Business Launch

    Having Registered in 2021, a renown year world history as the continent was hit by a COVID 19, a global disaster that would not allow people to socialize making it difficult for Buyunic Technologies for commence business.

    Buyunic Technologies acquired her first business operation area on North Road Street, Northern City Division, Mbale Mbale City