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Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions and sustainability across all industries and geographies. 

Benefits With Our Service

Start and grow your idea into reality with the little you possess, acquire that business plan from the expertise coupled the knowledge to sustain your business on the market amidst any kind of environment. 

Don’t get into business simply because you the financial Position and expect to win!

Business is the practice of making one's living or making money by producing or buying and selling products. It is also "any activity or enterprise entered into for profit."

Typically, there are four main types of businesses:

  1. Sole Proprietorships
  2. Partnerships
  3. Limited Liability Companies (LLC), and
  4. Corporations


You can Register a Business in Uganda by Visiting the Mandated Government Agency Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) via the URSB Website to have your business Registered. 

We take you through the Registration process and guide accordingly. 

The taxes that a business must pay depend on the form of business, the business activities, and the location of the business.

Some of the common types of business taxes are;

  1. Income tax on the business profits
  2. Estimated taxes on the expected income for the year
  3. Self-employment tax on the net earnings of sole proprietors and partners
  4. Employment taxes on the wages and salaries of employees
  5. Excise tax on the manufacture or sale of certain products or services
  6. Capital gains tax on the sale of business assets or investments
  7. Property tax on the real property owned by the business
  8. Dividend tax on the income from business investments

Registering a Business Name

  1. Conduct a Search(using the business Registration form) and establish if the name you register is available for use
  2. Pay the Registration fees
  3. Fill and Submit the provided Form(s) for registration, You will receive a certificate of registration of a business name through the registered email address. 

Registering a Company

A Company is a legal person which has capacity and powers to act on its own (i.e the law sees a company in the same light as a natural person).
It is created by the Companies Act No.1 of 2012 which provides the legal framework under which companies can be formed for legal purposes.

Registering a Local Company

To Register a Local Company limited by Shares, one needs to Reserve the name to be used and then file the following documents with the Registrar of Companies:

Companies Registration Form (s.18)

Memorandum and Articles of Association (if any)

Other Company forms

A1 – Statement of Nominal Capital

To register a Local company limited by guarantee, one needs to reserve the name to be used and then file the following documents with Registrar of Companies:

Company Registration Form (s.18)

Memorandum and Articles of Association;

When you have all the documents ready, pick assessments forms from our office or do self- assessment and pay registration fees and stamp duty. Upon registration, the Registrar will issue a certificate on incorporation within two working days.

After the company has been registered, the following forms must be filed (Company Returns).

Company Form 20 – Particulars of Directors and Secretaries (Within 14 days)

Company Form 18 – Notice of Situation of Registered Office & Postal Address (within 14 days)

Company Form 10 – Return of allotment (within 60 days)

Form of Annual Return for a company limited by shares (to be filed once every year).